Friday, June 3, 2011

Medievalist sites to see in Milan or Rome?

I have the incredible opportunity to visit Milan and Rome with my husband who will is going on a business trip.

I will be leaving in about a week and would like suggestions from my medievalist friends for places I must see that might not be listed in the guidebooks as Things To See.

I have booked a walking tour of St. Peter's Basilica so that I can see where Charlemagne was coronated. I also hope to visit a hotel and two bed and breakfasts that are named after either Ludovico Ariosto or Matteo Maria Boiardo's masterpieces.

Any other suggestions?

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Linda C. McCabe said...

Hi Linda.....Vatican City is a good one........And the Centre of Rome ....where the famous water fountain is....

You can sit opposite the fountain, on steps, and have an Italian ice cream cone, and watch people go by...(There's a little ice cream shop there, at least there was when I was there last) .So much fun !!

Have a great time !! Enjoy !!

Lillian, Victoria, B.C. Canada !!