Thursday, April 25, 2013

Closing of Panton's English Bookshop in Milan

I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but another wonderful independent bookstore is closing. This time it is Peter Panton's English Bookshop in Milan, Italy.

I blogged about this store back in January, and had been hoping that I might be able to arrange an event in his store during my upcoming trip to Italy.

Alas, Mr. Panton has announced the closing of his store for good on June 30, 2013.


This is his official message on Facebook:

The book industry is going through dramatic changes, influenced by the transition from print to digital. No part of this industry is being more influenced with this new trend than bookshops.
From independent bookshops to big chains like B&N, Borders, Waterstones etc., etc, no one seems to be immune to these changes.
Milan’s first all English bookshop, Panton’s English Bookshop, established in 1978, is no exception!
It’s a well known fact that book lovers are quite happy to spend time in a bricks-and-mortar bookshop to see what sort of interesting titles they find and then, off they go home to buy online where prices are often cheaper.
Much to our regret “Panton’s English Bookshop” will be closing for good on 30th June 2013.
Panton's English Bookshop
Via L. Mascheroni, 12
20145 - Milano, Italy
Phone:+39. 024694468
9:30-13:00 / 15:30-19:30

This news saddens me. I hope that come July, Mr. Panton will find more time to enjoy the simple pleasures of life such as eating bruschetta and drinking wine, as well as more time for his writing.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Medieval Congress in Kalamazoo

For several years I have seen blog posts by Professor Richard Scott Nokes about all the fun he has had at the annual Medieval Congress held in Kalamazoo, Michigan on the campus of Western Michigan University.

This year I am going to join him.

Correction, this year I am going to be in a panel discussion where Professor Awesome will be our moderator.

This will be Session #402 out of 582 sessions.

"Carolingian Legends: Adapting Medieval and Renaissance Literature for Twenty-First Century Audiences" on Saturday, May 11th, 10-11:30 am in Room 2355 Schneider.

The panel will consist of Alexis E. Fajardo, author of the Kid Beowulf series,

I will be discussing adapting my novel Quest of the Warrior Maiden from the epic poems Orlando innamorato and Orlando furioso,

as well as Douglas Gallagher and Brandon Spars of Sonoma Academy who produced an incredible musical adaptation of Orlando furioso set to the soundtrack of Pink Floyd's "The Dark Side of the Moon."

It should be a fun round table discussion. We hope to inspire medieval literature professors in their preparations to have a grand celebration of the five hundredth anniversary of the publication of Orlando furioso in 2016.

I would enjoy meeting up with other medievalist bloggers at the Congress. Please drop me a line here or attend my session. Lex and I will also be vendors, so you can try to find us there as well.

If anyone has any suggestions about these Congresses and what to expect, I would enjoy hearing about it. I have attended other conferences, but never one with so many sessions and an expected three thousand attendees.

Help this newbie out if you can!