Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Quest of the Warrior Maid is now an ebook

My blog followers are a diverse group. There are writers, medievalists, lovers of France, while others like my essays on Harry Potter or other musings. I hope that there is a cross section of interest by my readers in epic historic fantasy set in the Middle Ages.

The many blog posts I wrote about France was a result of the research trip I took to see the lands of my story. Now you can see the fruits of my labor.

Book Description:

Quest of the Warrior Maid brings the legends of Charlemagne to life with a retelling of the classic love story of Bradamante and Ruggiero.

A love foretold between sworn enemies will determine the fate of Christendom.

Bradamante, the niece of Charlemagne, and Ruggiero, a Saracen knight descended from Hector of Troy, are renowned warriors who meet and fall in love on a battlefield before being separated.

The tale of impossible love between Bradamante and Ruggiero is set against the backdrop of a holy war between Islamic and Christian armies shown in bloody sieges in Marseille and Paris. Other legendary heroes such as Orlando and Renaud de Montauban are featured in this retelling of a classic tale of chivalry, betrayal, revenge and magic.

Advance praise for Quest of the Warrior Maid:

“All great legends, whether of Britain's King Arthur, Greece's Trojan War or Europe's Charlemagne cycle contain stories of minor characters begging to be elaborated on. In Quest of the Warrior Maid Linda McCabe has picked up the lesser known tale of Ruggiero and Bradamante, this last being the warrior maid of the title. Classic in its theme of young, idealistic lovers from opposing camps, it sheds a bright light on the culture, history and legends of a time and place too little explored by most western readers.” – Persia Woolley, author of the acclaimed Guinevere series

“McCabe paints a vivid portrait of Medieval France whose vestiges can still be found in the streets of modern Paris.” – Cara Black, author of the Aimée Leduc mystery series and Murder in Passy

“A grand and engaging re-telling of the original ‘star crossed lovers’ epic with everything Orlando – chivalry, romance, fights to the death, hippogriffs, madness, and beauty! As engaging a story as I have read this year, I couldn’t put it down and I urge you to pick it up today.” – John Granger, author of Unlocking Harry Potter

“In many ways Quest of the Warrior Maid is a distant mirror of our present day passions: both political and personal.” – Rob Loughran, author of Tantric Zoo

“I read the story in one sitting and was devastated to find out what I had in my hands was only volume one! I look forward to volume two.” – Ibrahim Al-Marashi, professor of History at IE University in Spain

“This is an original approach to the story of Bradamante and Ruggiero. Historically accurate, with a clever sense of plot and with an incredible set of characters. Once you start you simply can’t stop!” – José Lúcio, professor of Economic Development at New University of Lisbon-Portugal

Quest of the Warrior Maid is volume one in the Bradamante and Ruggiero series and is available as an ebook from the following vendors:

Quest of the Warrior Maid can be purchased online at any of the following sites without global restrictions. In alphabetical order and not in any order of preference:




Apple iBookstore (there is no link because you have to go to their online store and enter search terms like my name or the title of the book.)

Barnes and Noble.com



Smashwords has seven different formats available so that hopefully whatever reading device, smart phone or computer you wish to read an ebook on will be covered.


For those who prefer the smell and feel of a real book, a trade paperback edition will be available this summer. There are plans for global distribution of that version as well.

The ebook is at a low introductory price of $2.99, (less than what it costs for a cup of coffee) which I hope will help sway people to try a new author.


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Vote for Ozark Medieval Fortress as a Top Site in Arkansas

Arkansas is celebrating their 175th anniversary or their Septaquintaquinquecentennial. Try saying that three times fast.

They are also holding an online contest where you can vote on top sites to visit in Arkansas. It has been years since I visited that state, but the one thing that makes me want to travel there is so that I can see the Ozark Medieval Fortress and witness its progress firsthand.

Here is a link to a website where you can cast your vote. Please click on "attractions" and then select Ozark Medieval Fortress. You can vote once a day until June 8th. Let us in the online medievalist community help out this wonderful project get some recognition for their hard work and commitment to educating the public about how things were done in the past.



Edited to add: As of this morning, Thursday, May 26, 2011, the Ozark Medieval Fortress is ranked #2 on the list of all the attractions in Arkansas. Keep those votes rolling in, it only takes a second or two to cast it. I have been voting every day and watching the ranking steadily climb for the OMF.