Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Diva Dare Tour in the Wine Country

This post is a test case using my iPad and trying to upload pictures with this portable device. Hopefully the formatting will look similar to posts created on my home computer.

Last week my friend Patricia V. Davis appeared at Copperfield's Book Store in Santa Rosa to promote her new book The Diva Doctrine

Here we see Patricia with her husband Pete at a table filled with luscious treats for the attendees.

Her book came about due to a blog post she wrote that went viral. Her "From an Older Woman to a Younger Woman" post was reposted onto hundreds of websites and translated to foreign languages as well. The Diva Doctrine expands upon those principles that struck such a nerve with wit and wisdom.

Patricia introduces Linda Loveland Reid and Kate Farrell who gave a humorous reading of advice from Older Women to Other Older Women.

The audience loved it. Thankfully it was captured by a videocamera and will hopefully be uploaded to Youtube in the future.


Kate Farrell said...

It worked! Thanks for the great photos of a fun reading. Great to see Quest of a Warrior Maid out in the world!!
Awesome. Congratulations!

Linda C. McCabe said...

Thanks. The photos uploaded at first REALLY big. So big they consumed the entire screen. We had to tweak the internal settings and then they looked "normal" sized.

And thank you for the good wishes. The paperback should be available soon.

Patricia V. Davis said...

Wow! How did I miss this? Must have been in New York when you posted it! Awesome! Thank you so much, Linda!