Sunday, January 6, 2013

Changing the focus of my blog

Hello everyone,

I have been considering for a long time a change in the focus of my blog.

Particularly the title of my blog. I have decided to change from "Musings from a L.O.O.N." which reflected my influences from the Harry Potter fandom to what it has become which is now "Legends of Medieval France and Italy."

I will still reserve the right to write blog posts about anything else that moves me to want to share it with a larger audience, such as book or movie reviews, but the main focus is on medievalism, travel, and writing about medievalism and travel. Especially when it comes to the legends of Charlemagne.

I would also like to highlight the availability to hear an interview that was broadcast recently on my local public radio station. KRCB Radio has now made that interview available online as a podcast, both from their website and as a download from iTunes.

Here is the description of the talk:

The description of the talk:

Linda C. McCabe's historical novel Quest of the Warrior Maiden propels an entertaining conversation filled with blood, lust, fantastic adventure, and chivalrous romance.

Linda and host Gil Mansergh gab about those thrilling days of yesteryear when Charlemagne battled Saracen armies, sword-wielding knights Bradamante and Ruggiero fell in love at first sight, hippogriffs swooped in to carry one lover away to an enchanted island populated with seductive women, while his true love lopped off heads by the score with a swipe from her broadsword.


Gil asked me to read several passages from my novel and several people contacted me to tell me how much they enjoyed my dramatic interpretation.

I have been working to record the story as an audio book, but it will still be many months before that is ready.

So in the meantime, I hope you enjoy the interview and the sample taste of my reading style.


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