Thursday, May 1, 2008

Orson Scott Card on the Rowling/Vander Ark lawsuit

Thanks to the wonder of Google alerts I was made aware of a recent editorial written by noted science fiction author Orson Scott Card.

He is not amused by the lawsuit filed by J.K. Rowling against RDR books in the Harry Potter Lexicon case.

In the piece Card calls Rowling a hypocrite, insane, and a puffed-up coward.


I guess he won't be on her Christmas card list this year.

Edited to add:

This morning after I read the post by Card, I forwarded a link to my friend John Granger. He was inspired to write a thoughtful and thought provoking post which assimilated reviews of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by Card, Steven King and A.S. Byatt and then challenged us to think about how your opinion of an author can color your interpretation of their work.

It's a great post and I recommend that you read it and give him your feedback on the topic.


From looking at Card's website I discovered that he is having a literary boot camp for writers this July in San Diego. The description sounds like it would be an intense experience. Registration is limited to only fifteen people for the boot camp, but there is a shorter two day (but twelve hour a day) writing class that precedes it.

Check it out if you are interested.

It would be a chance to learn from an expert.
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