Thursday, June 7, 2007

Off to see a friend, and good news from another friend

I wanted to mention that I will be attending Sonorus this weekend. I had not met John Granger at the Nimbus Symposium we both attended in 2003, but after hearing a woman rave about his lecture while I was waiting in the airport to go home, I decided to buy his book.

I enjoyed The Hidden Key to Harry Potter, but I did have some quibbles. He included his email address and I sent him a lengthy missive replete with L.O.O.N. ish corrections. That was the start of an email correspondence and friendship that has grown in the intervening years.

On Saturday, I'll be meeting him in person for the first time. If anyone else is attending that function, please be sure to come up and introduce yourself to me. You'll recognize me due to my picture on this blog.

John has now written four books about Harry Potter and they are all thought provoking, for they have a detailed analysis regarding the influence of literary alchemy on the series.

On other news, my friend Ari Siletz's book The Mullah with No Legs and Other Stories has been reprinted. Copies had been difficult to come by, but as of April his publisher has come out with a second edition. I highly recommend it.

Now to some housekeeping details. I've been trying to spruce up my blog a little and added some widgets for syndication. Hopefully everything is set up correctly and people can subscribe easily for notification whenever I update the blog so that you don't have to keep coming back to check to see if anything has changed.

If you have difficulties, please let me know. I set this up myself and hopefully followed all the directions correctly, but I know that there might be kinks in the system.

Until next time!


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Behold a Phoenix said...

That is awesome that you are at the Sonorus Harry Potter conference. I wish I was there. I hope you have fun meeting John Granger and other Harry Potter fans. Do you plan on writing on the highlights of the conference? :)