Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Memorial Service for Michael Shurtleff

I saw this mention in the Los Angeles Times .

There will be a memorial service held at 3 p.m. March 11 at the Skylight Theater, 1816 1/2 N. Vermont Ave., Los Angeles.

More information is available by phone at (323) 469-8745 or through e-mail to

I won't be able to attend, but thought for all my ranting in my last post regarding a lack of a memorial service for a fictional character that I certainly should mention one for a person who passed away.

I never met Mr. Shurtleff, but his words and ideas inspire me. I shall remember his wisdom for years to come.


P.S. Edited to add, for those who are scratching their head and going, "Who's he?" I wrote two other posts about my veneration of Michael Shurtleff. You can find those posts here and here.

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